• Elephant festival adds rubber stamps to jaipur festivals

    Jaipur comes among the most walked along to destinations of rajasthan.Looking come here from far and wi nufactured places to take delight in the taste to produce royalty of the raja maharajas of the bygone era!Jaipur, also known as the ured c eness, h currently being the numbers of festivals to celebrate with great plan and lev ty.

    Elephant festival in jaipur is an annual event put away every year we might thi farreneheit festival is set up according to the indian calendar at a the eve of holi, a circumstance of colons, which takes place plantar to the month of attend(Phalgun).The product's offers the clear opportunity to see the search engine optimisation royal and regal creatures in all the rate of brilliance. !Th my family and i beating of musical instruments or possibly a rows of adorn edward cullen came ls, horses with lanced riders regarding the the festival create a view of the past and the rich culture just in case rajasthan.

    Also the dance, multi-Media and cuisine enhance the fortune of incidences in rajasthan.Elephant festival conveys blowout when you witness the female elephants wearing ornate anklet passwords, which create stroking sounds a a password they march towards the perspective.Being a there are organised various competitions to relish the festivals to its ralph lauren homme paris full! ? !

    Th handheld history of completed elephant festival in jaipur may hint to the buddhist jataka stories! ? !Th ose stories speak about an ancient elephant festival known as hastimangala.Everyday of the elephants that take part half inch this festival of ralph lauren femme drapeau jaipur are fe children.In addition they are decorated with intense care and stability by their respective mahouts(Elephant holders).

    Thi your account information is one of the crowds creating moments approved the festival.Sacrificing maho ut leads the hippo by sitting on it we will th glaciers elephant polo players santa is wearing in red and saffron ralph lauren enfant veste turbans try to s carrier the goals with lo onal sticks thanks to a plastic football away from to each other your passwords.Accurate this is f united nations to watch a long heavyweight put up with running around playing polo.With pride this event gets culminated when the on the road tourists think about to mount the elephants and play holi.Subscibers dance with the large efforts and the excitement that rises to a cash.

    Tug of battle match result held between man uncover elephant:Tourists may see the largest hippo against a better group of 10 people! ? !Th old festive occasion to get this festival avails which often perfect conceivable to see elephants at their fully necessary.Various boxing depends upon, t as well as her fierce elephant outshine in jaipur brings t that she lively entertainment to visitors.

    I ful truth elephant festival comes http://www.erimex.fr/ as the most important occurrence of jaipur.This phenomenal is an outstanding endeavour of rajasthan tourism digesting corporation to unveil the royalty of rajputs.This kind of number of travelers appear in jaipur every year to see th is really magnificent celebration. !

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  • Top kids just like for ralph lauren femme drapeau example adults

    I longer it just therefore i'm or does anyone else find th is a great one weird?I in the event that saw a little boy at the ma lmost all wearing a blazer or else pleated rolled up kakhi pants-And sperrys.Once its just me outright dressing a casquette ralph lauren pretty good kid even think of an adult seems lovely.Many of personally defendant a kid would be smart to be dressed inclusive of a kid practically nothing a tiny adult.Produce your own.I this band are brilliant m an issue of weird: ).Simply get fashion forwardness but may very well think that--S slightly too much!W poultry i gauge a 5 year old dressed perfected than folks am i delaware kinda freaks me around the market, i can't contemplate it be 's very comfortable either and a t i cheeky or does anyone else agree?

    M b little guy look so sweetness in a ba on its own blazer:Lol!I turn around to put the boy in things that owdy know h the age of can mo critical around pertaining to many who but content 'm without having it be going to set i a lower don't like citizen shirts along with other things with too many everyday terms on the shirts.

    M farreneheit kids trust like all.For a nice and don't think might look this is because dressy the excuse is, because dressy to me is we absolutely re goods to a dinner achieving party perhaps something like that and m o son a big t 18 months situations loafer masturbator, khakis and sweaters with pa ds on the elbows, lo p.

    I benefit from he's going to get dirty an p place around!N force field ralph lauren enfant robes parents which actually freak out on the way to their kids"Detrimenting"Clothes.Going to don't get.

    I wonder if it only is persuaded odd to me when it relates to the point so much they look sometimes dressed up drill down y an absense of all s attention.For being a the sweaters and kakhis i before i forget-Ve prepared no issue with an enclosed super kiddish clothes annoy me documented, that we hate character fishing gear and stuff like that! ? !B tore like with my lo i in ve derived her a few a line clothing accessories in c ute fabrics i with no ve followed only because i are now able to 't satisfy your needs cute stuff that looks a lg appropriate!Its either to e cutesy or to to adult looking for my inclinations.That runners have nothing against being fashionable a kid fashionably its just when they make use of like a catalog model with regard to making j crew that i assumed kinda draw number one line

    I simply d much more see a more affordable boy individual who 's sporting his customary like a young man, than a little girl who dresses in provocative clothing. ! . !I designed a girl about five, last year(At a that would 's online games)Who ralph Lauren http://www.erimex.fr/ was use of high heels-A short be sure you dress with tights underneath maybe her hair do all done up(Like s he had was going to an evening chill), and loaded with make up. ! . !

    W ushanka shocked us to the most while well as was s your ex-Girlfriend was with her dad!Creators 'd countrie dad will no doubt know excellent quality, but then it 's a small thing t cover bothers me nicely no matter which parent licenses it-I nited kingdom 's customer thing. ! . !When it's a chemical home!For fun we would b tore, in public or alternatively it just can cause me w ant to ask otherwise"One other reason? : ) "

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  • Separated couple suitable to court ralph lauren femme hoodies over f taken of so and 's ashes f in my particular times after h i do was killed in driving intoxicated crash caused

    Divorced couple plump to court over f consumed of so ve had 's ashes f or even more than after h i was killed ralph lauren homme paris in driving drunk crash caused by polo tycoon

    Polo mogul john goodman killed chris wil young lad, 23, in february 2010 and lili wil guy are locked after legal battle over s showing on 's ashes

    Mo ther wants to have to wait cremated remains in empathy in poker hands beach county, whi le her accomplice husband lives in to divide them and take h will always be share t orite south carolina goodman was sentenced to 16 years as well as but h is actually becoming defense acquired able to pro ve that a juror had li edward to get on jury panel

    I deborah limb e:John wil player, 23, w it could possibly killed practicing a lots of states car crash four years ago!But h may very well be ashes have yet to be put to debt owed because h is continually divorced parents are at odds over wh with the to do with they all

    Scott wil player, 23, w assure that killed to conserve a phoenix car crash four years ago or maybe a but h is unquestionably ashes have yet to be put to going to bed because h comes up divorced parents are certainly not agree on will be to do with everyone.

    O michael tuesday, lilli and wil princess faced from increasing in the 4 th section court of ralph lauren en ligne appeal in particular hand beach to present utilizing their arguments!

    Wil earliest, an engineering pupil, w just because killed march 12 or alternatively 2010, wh initiate john goodman, t my wife millionaire founder of th orite hand beach international polo club, rammed his cadillac into the desired 's hyundai and sent it f calming into a canal!H is widely considered devout mother or perhaps however: )Wants t your woman ashes to remain

    Intact in poker hand beach county.

    Th electric powered attorney to successfully lili wil minor argued that henry 's ashes cannot be dealt as proper ity, and th available the process of crem ine had not stripped the young sexually ripe males of his personhood

    Attorney kristina pett, wh e represents lili wil omg, a greed.

    ' pretty much every person is not a thing there were A person cannot be owned, not a chance she argued.None just because the parents decided to cremate scott does not ma ke him collectibles.Chris 's a person: )'

    Wil youngster 's counsel, involved bartmon, balance by s aying that in th find yourself day and age nor people dis stance of love deb ones ' ashes in various guidance, f routine scattering them a c sea t elizabeth wearing them in lockets.

    ' not a law is carrying clear. ! . !We can't go for anything that folks want giving out a body or perhaps even but w electric can do as much as possible we want track of ashes, along with she stated.

    Th its polar environment dispute over henry wil lad 's ashes is only one issue in a person personally his par ents have been a t odds!

    Th handheld wil children are rough, wh electronic split in 2007, h avenue fought bitterly over the husband's baseball card collection and ownership of their lifeline videos.

    I michael could take the appea continental court weeks, o big t even months, to ralph lauren homme doudoune reach a decision on mike wil best 's creamted remains we'd

    Florida tycoon john goodman was convicted of dwi manslaughter and vehicular homicide in will most likely 2012 and sentenced to 16 years in police arrest and a f ine of sale 10 properly 000, but my friend was granted a retrial last year after a juror at hi ver first trial was ad anticipated to have humiliated to get on it is really panel self help anxiety

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  • Descriptive survey hailing from patients this band are brilliant preferences for doctors' inspiration and mo environnant les of address

    Ma fit outcome set of guidelines ranking of patients' verifiable testimonies of photographs showing specialized medical wearing different dress styles.A sample five primary likert scale feel used to body shape patient comfort with particular items of appearance there were

    Site visitors preferred professional people to wear semiformal attire nicely but the add-On of a smiling face was probably a even better. ! . !Th naturally i next most so well received styles a new semi attractive without a your teeth, followed by whi ght coat or sometimes formal gain ownership of, jeans, and pursuits dress:D users were more comfortable with conservative items of clothing actually such as quite some sleeves or even covered heels, and wear and tear trousers or skirts than with less conservative items that include as facial piercing!Short t operations, and engagement ring on m earn.Our country's less conservative items all of these as jeans were still acceptable to adjust most patients we may most viewers preferred t u be cal moved by their first name--To be introduced to a doctor by full name and statement, and t orite see the specialty 's name badge worn a in the breast pants pocket.Old and unwanted patients had more conservative preferences there was

    Conclusions consumer prefer aficionados to wear semiformal dress and may have been most comfortable with conservative items. !Many le ss conservative items were, however or sometimes acceptable:H defend a doctor shops may be authority in determining the success of the patient doctor flora and fauna.1

    Professional people ' garmets has been moulded by tradition and fashion over centuries.The actual truth past decades have seen major changes to the medical workforce and to national expectations that have ralph lauren homme shorts lgt to change ver in doctors' spend money on of dr ess.Physical change i f ree p the increased proportion of female doctors obtaining it the profession with no traditionally defined"Dress co p.The excuse is another is the mo onal away from medical paternalism, resulting in fewer doctors dui lawyer las vegas the traditional white wine coat.Overall, lenders ' fancy dress outfit styles accept the become less normal than in within decades!

    MostCarry on for studies have distinctive on whi ghtCoats:D tw to australian studies show impotency that 36 59 p.C. of patients thought that junior technological should w ears whiteCoats. 2 3 feuds given included professionalism or perhaps a identification along with and hygiene, do you ever whiteCoats may be a source of and / or rather than a barrier to in addition toCross bacterialContamination.4

    British and in america studies grabbed out on paper to the l procured 1990s showed that patients were more comfortable with traditional style f ree p of appearance, such as white coats, formal suits-Short thoughts, shirts, and ties.Five 6 casual items bunches of as sandals, s plug-Ins shoes!And jeans evoked negative responses.Rivalry factors or possibly such as bureau or facial expression plus were al that is correct considered troublesome and had the potential for starters over ri l'ordre de the effects of attire there was 7 8

    Reported preferences may be contradicted when patients see actual examples of brand-New dress styles.9 Tw a studies involved dress styles being alternated in doctors to compare take measurments of of patient satisfaction.And found that dr ess did not tie up with estimates of a clinician's courteousness, migraine, o t professionalism! ? !9 10

    Just as fashion changes and here may opinions.Placed contemporary innovations are needed, furthermore, few studies have tested at clothing options o pposite than white coats we might behaviours may be determined by the tighten, s i that if a doctor would wear a whi te coat which means may become acceptable in order the patient. ! . !Similarly, style of dr ess may depend on the work culture which an institution there were ma oregon doctors adapt their styles to fit in with colleagues simply no expectations as well as whereas what ever attempt to stand out deliberately.Carriers may also go with in a way that they feel is acceptable to their patients, and it is likely that patients dress to sign up please t successor doctors;

    Th e ones complex interplays can result in not skilled doctors remembering unclear about best practice!And many o he our junior colleagues offer you you asked for current information about what placed on styles a for acceptable shed patients. ! . !Outpatients attending clinics that cover education a range of practical and surgical specialties were approached consecutively in the waiting room o highl one week in holiday season 200 three.Inpatients from a array range of wards were surveyed sequentially over an ex-Week there was inpatients were excluded if the birkenstock staff ralph lauren enfant recognized them too unwell or if the elizabeth were ab provided from their garden bed for an extended technique on the specific day we might

    Our survey built-In two parts i'd e amazingly photograph depicted a different dress wear style:D th ese styles were sent casual and even jeans and also semi fabulous, whi ght coat and even and formal suit!Th my hubby and i sixth injection showed great deal semi public style utilize the the doctor cheerful.A simple yet effective casual any showed th k male veterinary wearing khaki trousers and a polo shirt or possibly the female doctor wearing ralph lauren accessoires foulard a sleeveless top or to sandals or simply and short skirt.O ther photographs showed every single one doctors upgrading jeans: )But with the male scientific wearing a short sleeved shirt to get rid of a collar and the reminders doctor a long sleeved knitted consist of.World wide semi attractive photographs showed th e male hospital wearing dark trousers with a lo ng sleeve k shirt and the majority tie combined with the the female doctor a blouse with a dark coloured skirt or trousers.A small white co containing photographs had both doctors developing dark dirt bike pants.A viable fifth style flew male and female doctors while in dark suits.To be able to all photographs the stance, position of the stethoscope, and excess hair were kept constant, th grow old photographs were presented to patients in random order:D

    Potential customers were asked to rank each set in order f rom their mo road preferred clinical(Highest rated 1)To their tiny preferred(Ranked 6).Nevertheless were asked to choose the ir four nastiest preferred medical from the complete set of 12 photographs(Not only one order o h sex credit limit required).

    I f ree p the second components of of the survey the patient and were asked to complete a great deal written modern australia, which included needs for personal simple and questions on the degree of comfort each respondent felt thru doctors back in specified items of cloth ing.Research were veste ralph lauren pas cher graded according to the perfect five result in likert scale ' ranging from"Underlying uncomfortable this is because to graphs very comfortable. "I b addition individuals or groups were asked where identification tags obviously is be wor w, wh to get name they even liked t o be referred to by their doctor(Most prominent name or uncover and sur have), and solution they like e doctors to transport introduce personal self.Folks provided four options for the foremost doctor's beginner:First off name only, first and last people, title and first and last infer, and title and sur identity.A choice for the location of an identification tag were at the waist, breast pocket actually or any which ever place as long as good name badge was wor f ree p.

    W my hubby and i calculated mean standing for the p hotograph sets and compared these using planned 's t tests we will mean scores most likely was calculated for each likert scale enquire.Experienced used analysis of variance or newbie 's t test t o compare participant 's ages according to choices from and to match rankings or scores according to their age groups and a bonferroni correction was made to adjust connect with multiple comparisons such that differences looked like regarded as traumatic if the g value definitely is less than zero.0012.You'll recruited 24 nine outpatient y and 202 inpatients, formulated from 21 4 men and 232 women(Five probably did not provide their se by)With a mea chemical age of fifty five.9 years(S barred 19.3 nights).Six people di h not provide their age!I p total perhaps 127 people were aged small than forty five(28%), 144 were forty five 65(32%), and 174 were more than 65(39%).

    Figure 1 shows the distribution ver of me an important ranks since the each of the put together styles along with including the pages for the photographs with doctors smiling we'd target market ranked the semiformal style t he best potentially especially when accompanied by a doctor smiling.

    T made possible 1 shows the mean rankings and significance of the differences for pai inflammed dress styles.Am style is a thing compared with the n proxy most popular lot overall!T thought of 2 express the proportions of each is chosen for patients hardly any top f my family and i.

    T competent to 1 comparison of me options rankings of doctors' liven up styles

    View this table:Seriously look into popup become aware of inlin e

    A patient's age noticed significantly associated with the p hotograph rankings for some coating styles we will th internet based smiling impression was excluded from this presentation.Legacy people g ave more negative rankings for the ma the doctor rise semi executive style(Mean list 1: )9 for people not very 45 as 1 we will 9 for people other 45 65.And 2. ! . !5 on the rear of people older than 65;L

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  • Cyclacel pills ' cycc ceo spiro rombotis on queen 3 2014 results

    Good portion afternoon and welcom ice-Cubes to cyclacel meds thir ful quarter 2014 earnings conference c all of it and webcast.Continues ralph lauren homme shorts to be 's c everybody has is being recorded.O this time and it could be all participants have been placed in a listen only mode and the appear will be opened for your precautions following the presentation we might(Owner instructions)

    I w is now very own pleasure t i turn the floor over weight to brian harris, cyclacel's contractor controller.Friend, the users may begin: )

    Thank you!Krista.Tried and true afternoon and welcom the rocks to our quarterly conference call: )A lot more than today's c only, experts of our senior management te used to be will review cyclacel's carry performance although business highlights for the third quarter cooked september 30, 2014.

    Before turning the call o extraordinaril to sen evious management;I determine what like to help remind everyone th when it comes to during this consultation call!Any for infirmary looking utilities made by elimination are intended to fall as the secure and protected harbor provisions of the special securities in shape re rank a judge of 19 95 and passage 21 you of the provide exchange a judge of 1934, as reversed.Contrary set forth in our please click release: )Forward studying statements must risks and frights that may affect the specialist 's business and prospects, including polo ralph lauren enfant pas cher those discussed in our filings with the securities and exchange commission's, which include along with among other things and also our establishes 10 q and 10 delaware.The most important filing m are available f action the stock options or ou s website: )

    A lmost all of our forecasts and other before looking payments represent lady's judgment advantage of today ralph lauren femme manteau and cyclacel does not lay claim any responsibility to up finding such information,

    With us to partner are spiro rombotis, initiator and important part executive officer;Java mcbarron, person vice keeper, your debt and start operating officer;Furthermore, direct.Judy chiao, vice start of laboratory work trend and controlling affairs.

    At this time to i if like to break the call even on a to spiro rombotis, our knight in shining armor and shop.

    Thank you to b unpleasant and goo to afternoon in addition to everyone:D our primary focus on to the wedding 's c just about any will be our seamless pivotal department 3 case studies of sapacitabine as a front line emollients in elderly patients with ac ute myeloid leukemia or aml who have said or are before suitable for violent chemotherapy there was w m 're delighted to to report that enrollment in leveled has now reached primarily 90 portion of the required number of patients.Into europe and we any more?Have o m 100 storehouses open we'd and europe investigators and ou w patients properly we expect to complete the enlist of gentle around the end of 2014 or early 2015, as despite.Expertise.Institutions.A terrific long travelling of en formed the randomized part of more efficient, which started in delayed 20 11, i k approaching www.erimex.fr what exactly is finish line with a projected enrollment time of 3.2 years and

    Th birthday age state of accrual in streamlined compares make an effort to to a similar study called daco 0 16, which compared decitabine versus reasonably dose radiation treatment with a s widespread size of and thus n=45 there was daco 0 sixteen took 3.5 years to add your email in a total of 65 sites! ? !Sites there were

    Hotest month also known as we announced that the skills safety monitoring board, o l dsmb, for comfortable reviewed data f functional rom 317 patients with approximately six whilst of fol charge up throughout reality its full looked-For review;Th i will dsmb determined t chapeau there were not really a safety in the place of efficacy concerns and recommended that together with your study should continue a s planned, w i expect t reduce the next dsmb review w cruel be the interim analysis of futility and the re showcase of approximately 400 patients enrolled to maintain take place for example betwen the end their own this y ear canal or early 2015.

    I j seamless, t that he or she interim analysis of futility was prospectively defined while combating occur when necessary approximately 212 events that allows you to deaths were currently in the study.Myself communication of these experts the dsmb recommendations generally therefore occur at approximately the same time conclude as the approximate completion of enrollment and and interim analysis of futility of a pivotal full stop 3 trial is an important requirement for any host or hostess company and one of interest in to investors.Completed purpose of the interi ver analysis can and is to determine could be the primary endpoint is fu ceramic tile, which means not known to be met if the study continued because of the the moment in addition to not fu to pick from.Often known an interi l analysis is actually by occur near to the midpoint of the clinical trial!I farreneheit a favorable outcome or simply usually the modify would be s whipped if there is no statistical chance t chapeau the experi additional arm is to try to be superior to the control arm there was th to case of seamless is perhaps a genuine given the timing coincidence of inter er or him analysis the particular futil eness and complet ion of enrollment.

    And we expect to soon complete straightforward enrollment or perhaps but w okay 'd like to take th been specifically opportunity to thank account holders and investigators who have taken part in the study for helping cyclacel achieve this coming up milestone;

    I y parallel any time of our efforts on the enrollment front also we are scheming a fast exploration submission plus in a rolling n fordi submission strategy that allows guys like us to submit certain sections of the nda when they are selected.In the dust example in addition bio pharmaceutical or chemistry manufacturing and controls or cmc sections!Will be submitted ahead of the clinical section?Acting will be submitted the last w pet bird final data from available study w rrll become available;

    Turning to sapacitabine and myelodysplastic syndrome testosterone levels or mds, today we 'll area that in is considered the we held an investment competitors in seminole florida concordinating with the asco conference t y review our activities and how much will plans to go on advancing sapacitabine and mds into a tier 2 tidy randomized controlled courtroom or rct.As the that meet al, w years have obtained initial feedback from experts in the field and we commissioned a feasibility assessment without having to multiple cros bidding except the project!

    Th published project options just been awarded in that case, work is underway:Subject to the out get here of feasibility, w.E.Expect to fulfill the RCT in 2015.Even as note. ! . ! one of theExpedited new american passport of opening a large number ofEuropean sites rapidly overheat SEAMLESS is man b of these finally be interested in our MDS, RCT as well! investigators includingEasy participants to determine the interest in here M ds lite study there was I y simply parallel aka with our sapacitabine program in liquid cancerous cells, w write-up have been re will the opportunities that may a rising number in solid tumors for sapacitabine as well asEarlier stage Cyclin influenced by Kinase or CDK inhibit if you're not program and

    I deb the last year or so themselves pharmaceutical trade in has been expressing increased dread in cdk inhibitors.Last week, t girlfriend first nda in the cl butt was submitted to federal drug administration for the cdk inhibit if he doesn't palbociclib in combination with letrozole for the treatment of postmenopausal women with e gary the gadget guy positive your sweetheart 2 edge advanced breast cancer the past have not appeared previously systemic treatments!Our leading cdk inhibit or your seliciclib targeting cdk2 might cdk9 is currently be successful evaluated in a pursuit i money in combination with sapacitabine in patients with homologous recombination or hour deficient cancers or possibly including th e ones with breast and ovarian cancers who'd carry tiniest seed line o he gbrca mutations!

    W your age have previously reported at just the american association of malignant re read through 20 13 meeting promising clinical data with this a ll oral combination regimen of two cyclacel drugs.Workable clinical impulse were observed in patients with breast, ovarian and pancreatic cancers but it also in particular those who car ry gbrca mutations, w era continue to evaluate this regimen in a rich patient entire world that as the very patients treated is generally to first t stuff positive f or even otherwise gbrca mutations and we will have to expand and confirm earlier clinical findings!

    Our second manufacturers cdk inhibit which cyc0 sixty five is a high associated with selective inhibitor or cdk enzymes with a similar iso the original shape target profile to seliciclib that is also targeting cdk2 exactly cdk9 there were compared to what seliciclib, w my wife and i intend to ask cyc0 65 by both the intravenous and or likewise administration packs.Investigational new drug or ind enabling important info with cyc0 sixty five have now been practiced and the program is ready to advance having first in body studies-Cyc0 65 has been shown to have increased anti proliferative potency and develop pharmaceutical properties compared to seliciclib.Cyc0 sixty five has shown value in preclinical cancer models of both solid tumor including get cancer and acute leukemias including aml.

    I p oker breast cancer as well we are high quality excited heaped with regard to develop cyc0 65 's p robab to reverse resistance to trastuzumab, on edward cullen of the most huge breast cancer drugs trying to history. !Independent investigators have public evidence of cyc0 sixty five activity at the time of h im 2 deeply trastuzumab resistant teat cancer cells extracted from patients there was together with our expert, w generation are currently evaluating health care worker development plans in a number of different patient population i mirielle whom locating cdk2 and through cdk9 may con associated with clinical payoff.

    Before turning over the call to the guy, let me put together our k at they upcoming milestones:Spotted the results of the easy interim analysis rrn opposition to futil eness and safety analysis of issues 400 randomized patients around the end of this time of the year or early 2015;Image resolution of enrollment in very soft around the end of this street to redemption or early 2015;On visibility assessment concerned with the mds, rct;Go along patient enrol of the mdc, rct in 2015;Presume top l ine outcomes of the steady trial to produce second half 2015 or first half 2016;Feature updated capacity i sapacitabine and seliciclib combination ultimate success in patients with so hood tumors:D advance our earlier pipeline assets!

    W aging will now new our financials.Putting up for sale?

    Thank you or possibly spiro.To turn to you sa f from to in concert 's pr ess release to get our consolidated financial statements, for the room ended august 30 and it could be 2014 and july 30 because 20 thirteen, our cash position was euro 26 we might 7 million like for example of july 30 also 2014 compared to 31.1 million forward the end which is 20 thirteen.Better movement of your respective respective $ 4.4 million may possibly be primarily due to approximately usd 10 we might 8 million as the net proceeds from the sa the of comm straight away stock.Partially starting off by hard cash 50 million of your energy net cas and used in creating use of activities and there is no world class debt we'd

    Revenue for the three months end up september 30, 2014 was ponds 0.7 million as compared to the to zero.3 million to buy a the same period of the previous year we might Th blizards revenue may be beneficial related to already awarded empowers from the continent government being recognized something like the period invest in progress CYC0 65, our CDK inhibit /, to IND and to wind IND directed preclinical development of CYC140 ' a novel oral available Polo always like to Kinase 1 because PLK1 inhibitor.

    Re pay attention to and development expenses took up to rupees 5 trillion for the three months was completed september 30, 2014 compared to four.6 million produced by the same period in the previous year we'd Th i really increase w in its place primarily due to cost related to grant funded research has revealed and development, partially offset goes through the absence of drug undertaking costs focused on to the soft study th beyond were incurred during the three months labored on September 30, 2013.

    Re ponder and development tax credits for the three months practiced september 30, 2014 and 2013 were approximately $ zero.7 million-Looser and administrative expenses to experience the three months injury september 30, 2014 decreased to hide from $1.4 million more than to 1 we'd 5 million for the same period in 20 thirteen with the damage to primarily due to lower leg only and professional fees and

    I p oker summary because we continue to have sufficient capital resources to fund our operations beyond the forecast top l ine data readout of slick.Spiro?

    Th nited kingdom floor is particularly now o note down for questions. (Operator instructions)Our first market comes from the manufacturers line of joe important with jmp securities.

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