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    American ralph lauren outlet style ralph lauren online outlet The only reason cary and eric jones would ever need a bigger house is to store their growing inventory of americana.At last count, they had 220 flags, 12 circus posters, 10 vegetable stand signs, 20"Buddy l"Toy trucks and many more objects, each with an old time american feel.Their home and the things in it represent for them a time in history when neighbors stopped to say hello, kids lined main street five deep to watch a parade and life seemed just a little less complicated.A time before bigger, faster and better was so important.Jim pathe/the star ledgereric jones sits on the flag adorned staircase of the maplewood home he shares with his wife, cary.With him is the couple's dog sawyer.The couple found their house by chance four years ago, when they drove from glen cove on long island to montclair, to look at real estate.A wrong turn landed them at an irish pub in maplewood.Over lunch there, they struck up a conversation with the bartender, who talked up the town and encouraged them to look around.It didn't take long for them to see what the bartender meant.Maplewood is a quaint village, with charming old homes and pretty, winding streets.It was just the kind of place they were looking for to settle down with their dogs, sawyer and sadie.Driving along one quiet road, they saw a four bedroom victorian, circa 1906, with a large wraparound porch and a"For sale"Sign in front.The minute they saw it, cary says, they knew they were home.Within hours, they made an offer.Cary still has the excited look of a new homeowner, the kind that typically fades well before four years of living in a place. "There is a cheerfulness to this house,"She said on a recent day as she sat in her kitchen, sipping a fresca. "People are happy when they come in here. "Born in konawa, okla. (She was one of 39 in her high school graduating class), Cary, 48, grew up on a cattle farm, riding horses, bailing hay and building fences.She did chores before and after school, and ate dinner with the family every night.Her grandparents owned a large antiques center in oklahoma city.When she wasn't on the farm, she was at the store, fine tuning her taste for antiques and collectibles.United states ocean liner are displayed in the couple's master bedroom.Eric, 46, was raised in wilberta, mass., home of Friendly's ice cream.Like cary's father, his dad, nels, spent time in the air force.Patriotic through and through, nels believed in service above self and taught his son the value of living an honorable life.One memory that stands out in eric's mind was the response nels gave him when he asked, at 10, why people had to pay taxes: "You're an american boy. "Eric never had to ask again.His mother, beatrix, collected old farm equipment and enjoyed a good adventure.She would pile eric and his two brothers into their country squire wagon and drive from one obsolete farm to the next, gathering bricks to build a patio.She made it to every yard sale within several miles of wilberta.Eric caught the bug early on and started collecting himself baseball mitts and comic books.After graduating from mesa state college in colorado, where he studied botany and business, he began working for ralph lauren.He started on the sales floor and worked his way up to store manager, opening new locations as the company expanded across the country.Eventually, he moved over to the wholesale side of the business until he resigned in 2005.Since then, he has traveled and consulted in the fashion industry.Jim pathe/the star ledgeramerican flag and perry's ice cream sign are among the collectibles mounted on a wall in the couple's dining room.Cary majored in journalism at ralph lauren womens shirts oklahoma state and also joined ralph lauren after graduation.The two met at the denver store in 1985 and married six years later.Cary is vice president of presentation for the factory outlet division.She is responsible for the look of the outlet stores. "A lot of our ideas came from the culture at work.Our eclectic side is wholesale ralph lauren definitely 'ralph lauren, '"Eric says of the designer's strong americana influence.Yet it is the couple's personal style and spirited attitude that makes the 2, 200 square foot home an apt reflection of their passions.Among their many collectibles or, as eric likes to call it,"Our treasure trove"American flags are central.Cary's parents collected them when she was a child, and she has kept the tradition going.Jim pathe/the star ledgerthe circa 1906 home of eric and cary jones in maplewood. "Flags are such an important part of our home,"She said, looking over a large group displayed on the entry table in the foyer.Among the couple's most prized flags is one that dates back to 1891(Right around the time wyoming became a state).They also have an 1876 centennial battle flag, and another from 1901 that was purchased with the original greeting card the seamstress gave to her best friend.Cary says that since september 2001, antique flags are becoming increasingly difficult to locate, which makes having them all the more special.

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