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    Review of ralph lauren pony polo shorts elephant www.ramc.co.uk pepper camp We spent 4 nights at elephant pepper camp as part of a 10 day safari.It was our favorite camp.The tent and furnishings were very comfortable.The food was the best that we had on our trip.The peacock lion pride of 13 was right outside our tents and roared all night, but baba and the other masai guards kept us safe escorting us to meals and to our tent at night!An elephant walking right up to the tent was one of the trip highlights.Simon, our driver, was also great.Patrick and sophie made sure that we had a wonderful experiencei am not sure where to start.Shall i start with the fabulously comfortable vehicles that pick you from the airstrip, or the exceptionally knowledgeable guides that are on board.Or do i talk about being whisked off to see the cheetah and youngster 10 mins after arrival?Or the warm and friendly welcome by the camp managers patrick and sophie on arrival.I have already forgotten to mention the migration that we drove through near the elephant pepper camp huge herds of noisy wildebeest.Epc truly is a credit to the chelicera and peacock portfolio.Being in the industry myself and havin had the luxury of visiting many camps in and around kenya i am hard pressed to name one better.The rooms are amazing and have natural views.We must remember we are in africa and nature is the number one priority so perhaps the forest trees have grown a little a might not afford one the best view whilst you lie on your bed but i can tell you i would rather that then a man made frame view created by the cutting of bush and trees!Each morning a waiter discreetly wished me good morning and slide a piping hot jug of water through the canvas window so personalized and this was always followed by a get together of all the guests and the camp managers around the fire for tea and coffee and hot chocolate my favorite!Then it was off in the cars which are open sided, very comfortable and spacious for some game viewing.I did a combination of early and afternoon drives with a full day trip to watch the crossing.The crossing is fabulous but be prepared to wait for it.They don't have watches and we are talkin about one of the worlds most spectacular scenes and like they say patience is a virtue that mustbe learned and the best things are well worth waiting for.The dining experience on a single long captains table has never been something i thought i would enjoy but somehow they get it soooo right.It's just great to sit back and see all the excitement, viewing each others photos of the day, the stories and food was fresh and hot and home made deliciouspatrick and sophie run a sharp operation here, the staff are on the ball and the food, service, guiding, attention to detail was excellent.Leaving was hard but what great friends i met in this camp and the frantic exchange of email addresses as each guest jumped on their cars for their departure transfer to the airstrip.I arrived a guest but left as a friend!So thank you to all at elephant pepper camp an Out of africa experience still truly existswhat to say:We stayed three days at the elephant pepper camp, arriving as honeymoon couple and leaving as want to be wildlife explorers.The camp is situated right in the bush, allowing you to sit in front of your luxury tent to watch the wildlife right in front of your feet.The tents were excellent, food very tasteful and staff very accommodating.We had a great guide(Francis)Sharing a lot of his knowledge and showing many animals(The list would be too long to write down here).We very much enjoyed the morning breakfast out in the wild, the daily gathering around the camp fire at night to share every ones stories and hospitality of sophie and patrick.If you have not been there so far, you have missed the great place of elephant pepper campi've been ralph lauren womens shorts sale on a few safaris in kenya, and elephant pepper camp was by far my favorite.Felt like a real"Out of africa"Safari camp experience.Beautiful location, great food, wonderful hospitality and an exceptionally well run operation.I liked being in the north mara conservancy, too.It just seemed we were closer to the animals there, and also had options not available in the masai mara itself, such as night drives and bush walks.Of course, the masai mara was nearby, and we were able to drive to one of the mara river crossing to witness the spectacular migration crossing.Having a pride of 13 lions nearby was also a terrific plus, since we had opportunities to view them often.Epc is an open camp no fences!And it was a thrill at night to hear the nearby sounds of hyenas, lions, elephants, monkeys, wildebeests, zebras and more.Epc can be noisy at night, but it won't be because of people or traffic!I traveled with a friend this trip, but i often travel solo.I'd definitely recommend epc for anyone traveling solo.Its a small camp(Only 10 tents)And guests are served meals together at one table with the hosts.Morning coffee and evening drinks are enjoyed around a campfire.It was a great way to meet and get to know interesting fellow travelersit's awesome to be in the bush close to nature, but in complete luxury.We had a great game drive experience and saw hippo, lion, leopard, and cheetah thanks to our guide stanley.It was a bit quiet and the manager had some friends staying at the camp the week we were there.I was kind of disappointed that we didn't get the honeymoon tent, but all the tents were nice.We didn't like the food options though.Even though our reservation made months in advance to cheli peacock stated that we don't eat pork, there was pork present at every meal(Even ralph Lauren Rugbys the meals that were prepared just for the two of us in the bush).That kind of oversight was a big let down, because it's not something that can be easily corrected given the schedule of food deliveries.I kind of wish we stayed at the mara explorer camp because it overlooks the river;But it's tough to compare not having experienced both.Another let down was the hot air balloon ride, we were told it was booked and paid, however, when we arrived we were told we needed a credit card to finalize the transaction.Easy fix, except we're an hour and a half away and don't carry our wallets in the bush.I think the staff could have looked into this for us and advised us to bring a card just in case.Instead when we asked the night before we were told it was all set.After reading the other reviews on tripadvisor, i wish i knew to ask for a different tent.Ours(Tent 8)Had no views.Small and exclusive, the camp is located in the heart of the african bush.Our spacious canvas tents are comfortably furnished, featuring en suite bathrooms with flush toilets and traditional safari showers.Nothing rivals sitting around the campfire enjoying the sounds of the african night.

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